Rud Stewart - The 2nd Coming of Rod - 26th Feb '15

Rud Stewart - The 2nd Coming of Rod - 26th Feb '15

Introducing Rud Stewart, Europe's Premier Rod Stewart Tribute Artist

Rud Stewart is the 2nd best Rod Stewart who performs between England , Sweden and Majorca Spain. Often mistaken for the real Rod Stewart. Catch him on one of his tours ....this is his second time to NZ..

Rud, originally from Yorkshire England has been performing his tribute shows to Rod Stewart for the past 14 years. Just watch his videos and you decide! Often mistaken for Rod Stewart and a life long fan himself, he covers all of Rod's hits from the 60's through to the current day and latest album.

His shows have been seen in many corners of the world and he performs regularly in the UK, Sweden, Las Vegas USA and Majorca Spain. Rud can be booked with either a live band or with playback tracks but his vocals will always be live vocals.
Rud is that good he was asked to perform at THE Rod Stewarts 63rd birthday party in Los Angeles..which he did..

Career Highlights

Meeting Rod "every time" and performing at his 63rd birthday party

Singing at the Olympia football stadium

Helsingborg Festival performance Sweden

Same Game my song being played on BBC Radio 2

Click on this link to see Rud Performing live in Sweden

Click on this link to see Rud performing Sailing

Playing at The Clubhouse on Thursday 26th Feb. Tickets from The Clubhouse at $25pp. Show starts at 7.30pm

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